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Notice Regarding 3rd Year Honors(Session:2014-2015) 1st Incourse Examination13-09-2017Download
Notice Regarding 4th Year(Session: 2012-2013) 2nd Incourse14-06-2017Download
Notice Regarding 1st Year(Session: 2016-2017) 2nd Incourse10-06-2017Download
Notice Regarding 2nd Year(Session: 2015-2016) 1st Incourse16-05-2017Download
Notice Regarding 1st Year (Session:2016-2017) Incourse Examination01-03-2017Download
Notice Regarding 4th Year(Session:2012-2013) Incourse Examination 25-02-2017Download
Notice for Cultural Program & Essay Competition Regarding Celebration of 16 December06-12-2016Download
Notice Regarding 3rd Year(Session:2013-2014) 1st Incourse16-10-2016Download
Notice Regarding 4th Year (Session:2011-2012) 1st Incourse Examination28-08-2016Download
Notice Regarding 2nd Year (Session:2014-2015) 1st Incourse Examination28-08-2016Download
Notice for Cultural Competition Considering the occasion of National Mourning Day02-08-2016Download
‌‍Notice for Essay Competition 24-07-2016Download
Notice Regarding 4th Year Viva Voce(Session:2010-2011)20-07-2016Download
1st Year (Session:2015-16)Incourse- Emergence of History of Independent Bangladesh02-06-2016Download
Notice Regarding 3rd Year 1st Incourse Examination(Session:2012-2013)27-04-2016Download
Notice Regarding 26th March Celebration (Cultural Program)21-03-2016Download
Notice Regarding Viva Examination For 2nd Year (Session: 2012-2013)07-03-2016Download
Notice Regarding 26th Celebration (Essay Writting and Cultural Program) 05-03-2016Download
1st Year (Session:2015-2016) 1st Incourse Notice23-02-2016Download
21 February Celebration - Cultural Competition(Essay and Recitation)20-01-2016Download
Notice Regarding Term Paper submission of 4th Year 10-01-2016Download
1st Year (Session:2014-2015) Incourse Notice06-01-2016Download
4th Year Incourse Notice For Histry of Emergence of Independent Bangladesh06-01-2016Download
Ammended Class Routine for Every Year02-01-2016Download
Notice for 1st Year 1st Incourse(Session:2014-2015)18-12-2015Download
1st Year (Session:2015-2016) Orientation Class Notice28-11-2015Download
4th Year 1st Incourse Examination Notice(Session:2010-2011)22-11-2015Download
3rd Year Test Routine(Ammended)21-11-2015Download
Wanting literary works for souvenir regarding celebration of 16th December13-11-2015Download
3rd Year(Session:2011-2012) 1st Incourse Examination Routine04-11-2015Download

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Md. Benzir Rizvi