Head of Department

Professor Md. Abdul Quader

Department Overview

The department of Chemistry of renowned Carmichael College, Rangpur was started in 1922. Then, Chemistry was taught only in intermediate of Science (I.Sc.) and gallery in tally building was active for class. Then, the department was in tally building which was situated to the south-west of the college administrative building. B.Sc (pass) class was run in this department in 1925. B.Sc (honours) in Chemistry was started in 1963 during the government declaration the college. Late Abdul Haque Kahandaker was head of the department that time. Due to the number of students and academic activities increasing the department was shifted from tally building to the second floor of present amenities building furnished with all modern in 1985.This isolated building is situated to the south-east of the administrative building. There are six sufficient laboratories. M.Sc.in chemistry was started in 1994 and next M.Sc.part-1. Students can obtain B.Sc (hons.) and M.Sc degree from this department. Practical and thesis two branches are available here. Sometimes scientific conferences and seminars are arranged in the department. Abdur Rahman and Kalachand Roy of this department are the two who were martyred during liberation war 1971 of Bangladesh. In addition, Late Prof. Rafiqur Rahman Chowdhury (RRC) and Prof. Md. Nurun-Nabi Chowdhury (NNC) were two renowned teacher of the department. Prof. Md. Saiful Islam is now in the chair of the department. There are 12(Twelve) more experienced academic teachers including 3(Three) Ph.D holders and 5 (Five) staffs are working in this department. The department is self sufficient from any respect.

Present Teachers List

01. Md. Abdul Quader Professor 14 43 01712592634 ?
02. Dr. Md. Jahangir Alam 07838 Associate Professor 16 54 01916829555 15/01/2015
03. Dr. Md. Saifur Rahman 005544 Associate Professor 17 03 01718523195 18/10/2017
04. Nihar Ranjan Chakravarti 012032 Assistant Professor (Attach
21 15 01718543257 08/04/2010
05. Dr. Md. Rokunuzzaman Miah 012630 Associate Professor 22 49 01718910723 23/10/2012
06. Md. Abdul Quddus Sarker 013512 Assistant Professor 24 24 01912319989 10/10/2012
07. Md. Mahfuzul Islam 018255 Assistant Professor 27 05 01746046412 12/11/2014
08. Samaresh Krishna Ray 022028 Assistant Professor 29 11 01737055414 01/08/2014
09. Assistant Professor
10. Shaila Akter (Assistant Professor) 025941 Lecturer 33 18 01793594951 ?
11. Mohammad Badal Rahman 014450 Lecturer 24 96 01729517165 24/12/2016
12. Md. Akhteruzzaman ? Lecturer 33 23 01767436971 ?
13. Shapon Chandro Barmon 023527 Lecturer 35 25 01717471207 05/01/2017
14. Demons
Not applicable
15. Demons
Not applicable

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