Head of Department

Jiten Dra Nath Sarker

Department Overview

It is very difficult to tell when was the Hons course in Bengali started in this college. B.L was started in 1881 and Master’s courses started in 1892 on those subjects of which Bengali was not available. It is known from the 1912-13′s Rajshahi College report Bengali was taught as Vernacular Composition at I.A, B.A classes and even in English at Hons level in Rajshahi College. It appears that there was no teacher for Bengali before 1918. Basant Kumar Roy, a lecturer in Bengali was noticed for the first time in 1918, though a lecturer in Sanskrit and Bengali named Syamacharan Bhattacharya was noticed from the Report of 1916-17. Bengali was given subject status from Vernacular Composition from 1935-36 session and was taught at I.A and B.A classes as separate subject. Hons course in Bengali was was likely to be turned down in this college in 1937-38. According to the known information Shri Shiva Prasanna lahiri was awarded Hons degree in 1941 from this College.

Muktijuddher Sarok Vaskarya

Jiten Dra Nath Sarker

Professor and Head

Md.Hamidur Rahman

Associate Professor

Md. Tanziur Rahman

Assistant Professor

Shahina Mahbuba

Assistant Professor

Rezwana Sharmin Neete

Assistant Professor

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    Present Teachers List

    SL Teacher’s Name ID No. Designation Contact No. Date of joining
    01. Jiten Dra Nath Sarker 005489 Professor 01715361165 02/05/2017
    02. Md.Hamidur Rahman 005325 Associate Professor 01716729028 18/05/2011
    03. Md. Shahidul Islam 012020 Associate Professor 01716880781 18/10/2017
    04. Md. Matiar Rahman 014445 Associate Professor 01712083654 ?
    05. Md. Ashraul Haque 015465 Assocaite Professor 01712126155 08/11/2016
    06. Md. Mejanur Rahman 013775 Assocaite Professor (Attachment) 01718703884 ?
    07. Md. Tanziur Rahman 016349 Assistant Professor 01721716749 16/10/2014
    08. Shahina Mahbuba 016776 Assistant Professor 01717593846 26/01/2015
    09. Minoti Rani Ray 012236 Assistant Professor 01556331681 09/11/2014
    10. Rezwana Sharmin Neete 018126 Assistant Professor (Aganist Lecturer) 01710489641 06/02/2011
    11. Most Shamima Parven 024599 Lecturer 01725181682 22/05/2016
    12. Runa Laila 033067 Lecturer 01721871823 01/06/2016
    13. Jahangir Alam 133011 Lecturer 01722785473 ?
    14. 027107 Lecturer

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