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3ry Year Form Fill up-201709-12-2017Download
Marks Distribution for Half Yearly Exam. 21-11-2017Download
4th Year Viva-Voce & trail class 17-11-2017Download
Farewell Ceremony in honour of Professor Md. Abdur Razzak17-10-2017Download
M A Viva Notice-201407-07-2017Download
M A Viva-2017 (Final)07-07-2017Download
M A Final Viva-20107-07-2017Download
M A Final Viva-201407-07-2017Download
4th Year Viva-voce-201513-03-2017Download
Hons. 2nd Year Viva Voce Exam.-2015 (Special)07-01-2017Download
Hons. 4th Year Class21-11-2016Download
1st Year Hons Orientation Class, Session: 2016-1712-11-2016Download
4th Year In-course (Revised)22-10-2016Download
new 3rd year class commencement22-07-2016Download
M A Final In-course Exam-201421-07-2016Download
Revised Rehearsal classes 21-07-2016Download
Letters to absentee students19-07-2016Download
M A Final Viva-Voce Rehearsal classes 19-07-2016Download
Viva-Voce Rehearsal classes 19-07-2016Download
3rd Year In-course Exam (2012-13)10-07-2016Download
1st Year Hons History of Emergence In-course Exam. -201624-05-2016Download
1st Year Hons In-course Notice-201624-04-2016Download
Nabo Barsho-142311-04-2016Download
Pohela Bayshak 14th April-201629-03-2016Download
Independance Notice22-03-2016Download
2nd Year In-course New update Notice07-03-2016Download
Schedule of Hons. 4th Year In-course Examination-2013 25-03-2015Download
Class management during Mr. Farhad Hossain's CL 25-03-2015Download
Committee for celebration of Great Shahid Dibosh & International Mother Language day16-02-2015Download
Orientation Class16-02-2015Download
Cultural Competition 13-02-2015Download
search departmental webside10-02-2015Download
Inter-Department Cricket Competition-2015 10-02-2015Download
Internationl Mother Language Selected Subject09-02-2015Download
HSC Assignment05-02-2015Download
International Mother Language Day04-02-2015Download
International Mother Language Day02-02-2015Download
Hono and Masters Routine26-01-2015Download
HSC Class Routine26-01-2015Download
3rd year Notice 22-01-2015Download
3rd Year In-course notice21-01-2015Download