Head of Department

Professor Md. Zillur Rahman

Department Overview

Islamic history and culture is a prestigious department like other 18 departments of Carmichael College which has a long heritage. The department has gone through a long tiring journey to reach the present position. The college was founded in 1916, but the department was introduced in 1958. During the period extending from 1953 up to 1992 the college was affiliated to the University of Rajshahi. In1992 it got affiliated to National University, Gazipur. Since then the department has been conducting different courses as per the regulations of the university. At present Islamic history and culture is read as a regular course in x1 and x11 class, Honours course. Master`s preliminary course and Master class. The students studying in different classes total two thousand. The department has a reach Seminar library containing almost seven thousand books. There are reading facilities for the students in the seminar library. They can also borrow books for a certain period on seminar cards. Along with studies, the student participate in co-curricular activities such as sports, debate, excursion and cultural activities.
The department is housed in the first story of the third academic building. The academic proceeding of the department including the classes are conducted in three spacious rooms. Where multimedia projection facilities have been Digital Bangladesh. The department has strengthened its distinguishable position by its academic performance and discipline.

Muktijuddher Sarok Vaskarya

Md. Zillur Rahman

Professor and Head

Yesmin Ara Begum


Md. Moazzem Hosen

Associate Professor

Mst. Selina Banu

Associate Professor

Md. Mofasser Ali


Md. Abul Kalam Azad

Assistant Professor

Md. Abdul Latif

Associate Professor

N. A. M. Shameem Akhtar

Assistant Professor

Baharul Alam Siddiky

Assistant Professor

Shirajul Islam Mintu

Assistant Professor

Most. Sohili Akhtar Jahan


Md. Golam Moktadir


Md.Sumsuddoha Sirat


Md. Jalilur Rahman


Present Teachers List

01. Md. Zillur Rahman 005157 Professor 14 45 01781006053 09/06/2009
02. Yesmin Ara Begum (Professor) 005210 Associate Professor 15 11 01838913751 31/10/2013
03. Md. Moazzem Hosen 005145 Associate Professor 16 28 01714606036 ?
04. Mst. Selina Banu (Associate Professor) 005158 Assistant Professor 16 100 01712585707 13/05/2008
05. Md. Abdul Latif (Associate Professor) 005536 Assistant Professor 16 135 01556521721 11/02/2010
06. Md. Mofasser Ali 005211 Associate Professor 16 165 01719515015 ?
07. Md. Abul Kalam Azad 016797 Assistant Professor 10% 01 0171258707? ?
08. N. A. M. Shameem Akhtar 013508 Assistant Professor 24 59 01718837030 09/11/2014
09. Md. Baharul Alam Siddiky 013794 Assistant Professor 24 79 01718199321 10/11/2014
10. Mohammed Shirajul Islam 013347 Assistant Professor 24 110 01718157784 10/11/2014
11. Most. Sohili Akhtar Jahan (Assistant Professor) 022717 Lecturer 30 06 01717544221 09/06/2012
12. Md. Golam Moktadir (Assistant Professor) 022695 Lecturer 30 23 01710569270 03/06/2012
13. Md.Sumsuddoha Sirat 025821 Lecturer 33 26 01736570788 25/05/2017
14. Md. Jalilur Rahman 16134
Lecturer 34 22 01722071786 24/10/2017

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